This series of rings are focused around the iconic imagery of human remains in the form of skulls mixed with day to day acronyms to live by. The CRANIUM series pays tribute to meaningful 3 letter acronyms that have significant meaning in today's youth that go against the gain and flow of today's society. From spiritual indulgence to anti-authority, we've created a solid series that we feel every person can relate too.


ACAB (All Cops Are B*$tar*s) As time goes by and the world as we know it continues to evolve, The presence of police brutality remains to rise. ACAB is not only an acronym but a pure straight-forward statement and movement to rise against authority. Due to the countless and poor results in our justice system, we feel it's safe to say "All COPS ARE B*$TAR*S” until future notice.


LSD (Lysergic Acid Diethylamide) One of few psychedelics known to man to open up the mind and third eye, it's no surprise the purity of this substance remains to be illegal for human consumption through the eyes of our government. Without a doubt, the DNA of LSD has made ground breaking discoveries within case studies throughout the years as a substitute to treat patients with depression, anxiety, addiction and PTSD etc. With pride going down the rabbit hole and exploring the uncharted territories in our subconsciousness, We feel it's only human nature to drop in and tune out.


GFY (Go F*ck Yourself) The symbolic innocents of the passion fruit in cherries is the perfect juxtaposition to let someone know to go f*ck themselves. Intertwined with a sinister take incorporating human skulls as the main cherries, one could only understand the subtle and true message to "Go F*ck Yourself"


DFW (Down For Whatever) Careless or a playboy at heart, we all can understand being a delinquent takes an effect on youth at a certain age that will stick with you for a lifetime without even knowing it. DFW is not only a careless emotion but a practice that some of us react to without even acknowledging that you're exercising it. Embrace the f*ckery and live life like you own it. Be exactly that, DOWN FOR WHATEVER.