Carrying on the commemoration of World Oceans Month and PangeaSeed Foundation's ten-year anniversary, a nonprofit organization acting at the intersection of culture and environmentalism to further the conservation of our oceans through ARTivism approach, we are thrilled to announce our sustainable jewelry collaboration with PangeaSeed Foundation and Jet Martinez. Designed by ARTivist Jet Martinez (USA | Mexico) and produced in SWEDA studio in Yogyakarta, Indonesia
"Protect What You Love" is a one-of-a-kind handcrafted cut and shaped 9.25 sterling silver and 10K gold ring featuring the iconic PangeaSeed Foundation logo with a gold sun on the ring's face and a series of gold & silver fish scales adorning the ring's band. Tucked away on the inside of the ring's band is an ode to 10 years of ARTivism for oceans with hand-hammered Roman numerals MMXII - MMXXII.
By helping to preserve traditions and old-world craftsmanship in modern times in the heart of the historical Yogyakarta, Indonesia, we are utilizing the power of international collaboration, art, and custom design. This hyper limited edition of only 30 rings will be shaped specifically for your finger | ring size and packaged in a custom made wooden box by us. Each ring is accompanied by a certificate of authenticity. and silver cleaning cloth to keep your ring shining bright.

As part of the "Protect What You Love" collaboration, we are working with the local fishing community and supporting ARTivist Techoo in Yogyakarta, Indonesia. We collaborated to paint a series of mobile ocean advocacy murals on fisherman's boats that reminds us all of what's at stake for ourselves and future generations.
During the course of painting, we hosted a series of conversations and interviews with the fishermen about the importance of sustainable fishing, the impact of plastic pollution and passing on ocean stewardship to the next generation.