Years exploring artistry practice alongside, yet Sweda and Tuyuloveme haven't had the chance to make a project together. Being raised in the same area and exposed to various cultural richness, Tuyuloveme and Sweda live in two entirely different cultures. Tuyuloveme enjoys the practice of graffiti while Sweda is relished with its signature traditional craft of jewellery making. The art segment they steep has brought  them to where they are now.

At-present, they are dedicated to juxtapose these two creative forces through this first-ever collaboration. The unique ring reveals the sublime blend of the iconic character of Tuyuloveme and Sweda handmade excellence. This also denotes the very first time for Tuyuloveme's work to be put into jewellery. This collaboration is driven by shared value and bond they have and eagerly share the gaiety with you. They aim to continue this collaboration at a future date by transforming Tuyuloveme’s work of art into another type of medium or jewellery without dismissing the values of the culture we cultivate. Let’s stay true to our roots.