After successfully creating a personal ring for the living legend rapper from Ohio, Layzie Bone, we proceeded to build a new one for fellow talented Ohio artist, Machine Gun Kelly aka MGK. 2017 was the beginning of MGK's peak career when his song ‘BAD THING’ featuring Camila Cabello skyrocketed. In the exact same year, we made a ring for MGK of his known logo ‘XX’ and he fell in love with it at first sight. He wears it casually and when he’s performing on the stage. It’s also seen a couple of times on his music video.

Hotel Diablo World Tour (Jakarta)

MGK dropped a new album in July 2019 and released a world tour in which one of the destinations is Jakarta, Indonesia. We were in contact with one of his crews and arranged a meeting to give MGK another special piece of jewelry. They got us backstage access to meet and give him the rings in person. While chatting face to face, we showed several dedicated rings we made for him and let him see the making process in which we traditionally handcraft the rings from scratch. He was stoked with the making process. He cherishes Hotel Diablo 5:36666 ring that it’s featured in his music video ‘5:36666 ft Phem’